12/21 hershey's kisses, sensodyne, listerine floss, cvs oral care, & cvs body wash

saved 77%
cost: $8.82


free listerine floss after coupon/extrabucks!

hershey's kisses for $1/bag!

sensodyne for $1 each, good price for this expensive brand.

body wash $.88 after coupon.

and check your local ad on cvs.com to see if you have the cvs brand oral care deal, $10 eb wyb $10! there are many combinations of items you could buy for this deal. remember you need to spend 98% of the amount advertised, so for $10 you only actually need to spend $9.80. there are cvs dental picks 90 ct that are 2/$5 (thanks, kt!), so if you buy 4 you can spend exactly $10 without going over. i wanted to get these cvs brand sensodyne toothpastes - not quite enough to qualify for the extrabucks, so i added the cheapest item i saw to get to $10.