10/12 hershey's candy, milk, & pepsi

saved 56%
cost: $4.50


reese's bags are only $.95 each after cvs coupon, man. coupon, & extrabucks - just like last week!

update 10/13: snap by groupon just added an offer for $1 cash back for any bag of candy, making these $.45/bag!

i got milk for just $2.34 after sale, extrabuck, & ibotta. that's cheap in my area. milk prices are very regional, so if $3.59 doesn't sound like much of a sale to you it's probably cheaper in your region.

there is also a snap by groupon offer for $1 cash back on milk available on many accounts. (i already submitted for this offer with my rite aid trip from last week.)

if you didn't use your pepsi crt from last week and it hasn't expired, check to see if pepsi is on sale again at your store. it wasn't in my ad but i found it listed on cvs.com as $1 and part of a $5 eb wyb $20 select snacks or beverages deal!