03/29 zarbees, gm cereal, & more

saved 92%
cost: $1.06


my store was out of the just the basics paper towels, not that i'm complaining - this was about an hour before the end of the sale week. but they were offering the sparkle paper towels as a substitute! :)

my receipt shows limit reached for the zarbees, but i'm not sure if that's for this week, next week (new deals were probably already activated), or the entire month.

as EMM79 reported, the reese's eggs were bogo this week, so with the savingstar freebie offer, i was able to get 2 free! :d

edited to add: because they were on sale bogo, at first savingstar only gave credit for half the price of the reese's egg ($.38)! but on 04/18 they apologized and issued another credit for $.38.