12/08 coffee, milk, & more

saved 55%
cost: $6.92


milk was in my ad for $3.49 w/ $1 eb, but it rang up regular price and did not print eb as usual. i got the eb printed manually but forgot about checking the price.

the breathe right coupon beeped, not sure why...

as far as the strange minute clinic coupon goes, it states that it excludes sale items but my feeling is that this was a misprint. it also says that it cannot be combined with other percent off coupons, so it seems to me that cvs mistakenly used the fine print for percent off coupons.

but don't take my word for it! if you don't feel this is correct use, go with your instincts. there are plenty of couponers online who will advocate using coupons in many questionable ways, but the best thing to do is think for yourself before making a decision.

although my savings may not be that high, this was a good trip for me because i got stuff i need & use (except the breathe right) for a great price!