11/27 black friday deals

saved 127%
profit: $43.90

    i bought:
      myVanilla prepaid card $150
      myVanilla prepaid card fee $3.95
      pepsi 2 liter $.69
      reese's pieces theater box candy 4 oz $.99
      reese's peanut butter cups 1.5 oz $.79
      right guard total defense deodorant $2.99
      st.jude donation $1
    subtotal $160.41 + $.47 tax (used $4.99 eb + $155.89 oop)

      spent $160.88 (4.99 eb + $155.89 oop)
      earned $54.78 ($53.78 eb + $1 savingstar)
      received $150 credit on myvanilla visa
      profit: $43.90


cvs posted this on facebook yesterday...

i am in NY, so this explains why i only found the paypal mastercards in one out of 4 cvs stores and when i tried to purchase it the register would not allow the sale!

i asked if they knew about the paypal deal at my regular store today. the cashier and manager both were aware of the substitution of myvanilla being offered and were happy to let me do this deal! after the transaction, the manager manually printed 2 $25 eb for me. (i think $50 is above the max they can manually print)

the myvanilla visa has the $3.95 activation fee, a $.50 transaction fee, $1.95 atm withdrawal fee, & $3.95/month dormancy fee. i used the myvanilla card to buy myself a $149.50 gift card from amazon.com (i shop there all the time anyway). so once the purchase and transaction fee are deducted from the myvanilla card, i should have a $0 balance and i will contact them to close the account. hopefully that will go smoothly.