04/02 revlon, clear, & alcohol swabs

saved 117%
profit: $4.46


the 20% off cvs coupon should be calculated on reg price items after all other cvs coupons. by my math, the total non-sale items after cvs coupons was $3.97, so 20% would be $.79 - i don't know why it was even less than that! i wasn't counting on any discount, because sometimes the % off coupons don't work on eb items anyway. still, i would like to understand how the system calculated $.47!

if you buy the revlon, don't forget to check if you have the coupon from the 3/17 ss for an even better deal!

update: loretta figured out that the 20% only came off the alcohol swabs. $2.37 x 20% = $.47. so even though the revlon was regular price the 20% did not apply, and even though the swabs were free after the cvs coupon the 20% did apply. thanks loretta!