03/13 ponyboy's transaction: kotex & jelly beans

saved 88%
cost: $.91


last week i went shopping with my brother, "ponyboy." he got the feminine hygiene coupon when he scanned his card and had no intention of using it, but i showed him the high value kotex coupons i had and we figured out that buying these 2 kotex items would be a great deal!

if you only bought the $1.57 kotex, the register would prompt the cashier to adjust the coupon to $1.57. however if you buy 2 kotex which total over $4, like ponyboy did, both coupons will go through because the total coupon value does not exceed the total kotex in the transaction.

another way to do it if you didn't get the kotex crt, would be to buy 3 of the $1.57 kotex (3x$1.57=$4.71) and use 2 $2 coupons, paying only $.71.

check out my brother's brand new web site at ihearttarget.net! (you may even see a target trip by me posted there sometime soon!)