11/18 black friday freebies!

saved 107%
profit: $4


i went to the store a few minutes after they opened this morning and everything i was looking for was in stock! i only wanted to get about $34 worth of items (after coupons) because that was all the extrabucks i had to spend. now i can use the extrabucks i earned on this transaction to get more of the black friday deals!

my $1 visine man. coupon beeped. the $4 coupon was scanned first, so i'm thinking the longer barcode on the $4 coupon may have been coded like a manufacturer coupon, even though the short one looked like a cvs barcode. my cashier manually entered the $1 coupon anyway.

my command coupon also beeped - probably to be adjusted to the $.99 selling price, but the cashier just manually entered it for $1.

when the air wick coupon beeped the cashier adjusted it to $1.98 as directed by the register.

i found the command hooks in a little countertop display box at the front registers!