08/17 glade expressions

saved 99%
cost: $.01

i bought:
    glade expressions starter kit $3
subtotal $3

used coupons: = $0 + $.26 tax (used cvs gc)

    $.25 eb gbt scan (i count each scan as $.25 since 4 scans gives us $1 eb)

    spent $.26 cvs gc
    earned $.25 eb
    cost: $.01
    cvs got $3 in man. coupons to be reimbursed

year to date man. coupons used: $87.95


i don't see the glade in the ad, so it could be a month-long sale...

you may want to save your glade coupons for walgreens next week, where they'll be on sale for $2.99 w/ $1 rr back. but if you don't shop at wags (or shop at a wags that will refuse the $3 coupon because of the $.01 difference) then you might want to check the price at your cvs.