05/31 crest complete

saved 100%
cost: $0

i bought:
    crest complete 2.7 oz $2.99
=$2.99 + $.26 tax (used $2.62 eb + $.63 cvs gc)

    $3 eb crest, fixodent, glide, or oral-b 2/4 pks get $3 eb limit 2 05/27-06/02
    $.25 eb gbt scan (i count each scan as $.25 since 4 scans gives us $1 eb)

    spent $3.25 ($2.62 eb + $.63 cvs gc)
    earned $3.25 eb
    cost: $0
    cvs got $0 in man. coupons to be reimbursed

year to date man. coupons used: $52.95


you may have noticed that my trip yesterday resulted in a $.09 profit while today's broke even. yesterday i used a gbt eb, which reduces tax like a store coupon would (at least in ny). the eb i used today did not reduce tax so my tax was $.09 more than yesterday.

as i mentioned yesterday, this is probably a cvs error and it may stop working before saturday if cvs corrects it!