01/10 reese's, snickers, & physician's formula

profit: $1.36

i bought:
    Reese's cup minis king size or Hershey's Drops $1.59
    Snickers Singles 1.76-1.83 oz $.89
    physician's formula power palette $7.99
subtotal $10.47

used coupons:
    -$10 physician's formula powder palette, blush, or foundation crt
= $.47 + $.90 tax (used cvs gc)

    $1.59 eb Reese's cup minis king size or Hershey's Drops $1.59 get $1.59 eb limit 1 1/09-1/15
    $.89 eb Snickers Singles 1.76-1.83 oz limit 1 1/09-1/15
    $.25 eb gbt scan (i count each scan as $.25 since 4 scans gives us $1 eb)

    spent $1.37 (cvs gc)
    earned $2.73 eb
    profit: $1.36 ♥
    cvs got $0 in man. coupons to be reimbursed

year to date savings: $52.61
winter 2011 spending: $15.52
year to date man. coupons used: $20.98

notes:i got the physician's formula crt on my card, but not my boyfriend's. so not sure if most people are getting them or not. if you use it on an item less than $10, you may want to have other items in your transaction in case the cashier allows overage. of course the cashier may adjust the coupon to the price of the item, ymmv!

the physician's formula was tagged $7 off at my store. if your store doesn't have tags up, use the price checker because this seems to be a national sale even though its not in the ad.