12/12 godiva and dunkin' donuts coffee

cost: $16.72

he bought (i used my boyfriend's cvs card for this transaction):
    godiva coffee 12 oz $6.99
    dunkin' donuts coffee 12 oz $6.99
    dunkin' donuts coffee 12 oz $6.99
subtotal $20.97

used coupons:= $16.97 (used $11.96 eb + $5.01 cvs gc)

    $.25 eb gbt scan (i count each scan as $.25 since 4 scans gives us $1 eb)

    spent $16.97 ($11.96 eb + $5.01 cvs gc)
    earned $.25 eb
    cost: $16.72
    cvs got $4 in man. coupons to be reimbursed

year to date savings: $1593.13
fall 2010 spending: $22.25
year to date man. coupons used: $350.27

notes:not a great deal or anything, but i needed coffee. i used all the eb on my boyfriend's card and thought i would retire it, but $1 eb for the green bag tag printed out, so i still have that to spend!