11/17 quaker, fiber one, merry brite, candle, & reinventing beauty

cost: $15.03

i bought:subtotal $24.21

used coupons:
    -$2 quaker oatmeal (internet coupon, no longer available)
    -$2 quaker oatmeal (internet coupon, no longer available)
    -$.50 Fiber One Chewy Bars
= $19.71 + $.57 tax (used $19 eb + $1.28 cvs gc)

    $2 eb wyb 2 Quaker Quick Oats 18 oz, instant oatmeal, or granola bars 8-10 ct Limit 2 10/10-10/16 (used raincheck)
    $3 eb Fiber One chewy bars 5 ct Limit 1 11/14-11/20
    $.25 eb gbt scan (i count each scan as $.25 since 4 scans gives us $1 eb)

    spent $20.28 ($19 eb + $1.28 cvs gc)
    earned $5.25 eb
    cost: $15.03
    cvs got $4.50 in man. coupons to be reimbursed

year to date savings: $1823.70
fall 2010 spending: $61.70
year to date man. coupons used: $453.49

notes:i had $18 eb expiring that i had to spend, so i wandered around the store until i put these items together. (the oral-b toothbrush would have been a good way to spend some eb, but i don't have the coupon for it... and they didn't have any in stock anyway.) rainchecks are always helpful in situations like this!

i really love how these xmas lights change colors! i'll probably buy another set of these with the eb expiring this week on my boyfriend's card.