02/11 nova max, reach, powerbar chews, sponges, & a caramel

cost: $1.86

he bought:
    Reach Total Care floss 30 yds $3.99
    Reach Total Care floss 30 yds $3.99
    powerbar gel blasts energy chews $1.50
    nova max $9.99 (used raincheck)
    cvs sponges $2.49
    caramel $.33
subtotal $22.29

used coupons:
    -$3.99 off 2 Reach Total Care Dental, 30 yd. (bogo up to $3.99) V 1/3/10
    -$1 Reach Dental Floss or Reach Access Flosser, any V 10/18/2009
    -$1 Powerbar Gel Blasts Energy Chews any 18g 01-03 SS
= $16.30 + $1.06 tax

    $4 eb ($2 x 2) Listerine / Reach Total Care get $2 EB Limit 2 2/07-2/13
    $1.50 eb powerbar gel blasts energy chews get $1.50 EB Limit 1 february eb deal
    $10 eb nova max 11/08-11/14 - used raincheck
    spent $17.36 ($16 eb + $1.36 cvs gc)
    received $15.50 eb
    cost: $1.86
    cvs got $5.99 in man. coupons to be reimbursed
year to date savings: $287.61
cvs got $53.44 in man. coupons to be reimbursed (since 01/2010)

notes:had to go trudging through the snow to spend my $16 eb expiring today!

i was going to get more nature's bounty for the bonus pack deal, because i was able to print more coupons last night. but they weren't ringing up bogo (presumably not printing eb either).

i threw in the caramel because my total (before tax) without it was $15.97 and the cashier/manager said he couldn't adjust down my $16 eb...

i guess i'll write an email asking about that. not that i mind buying a caramel once in a while, but

1) i'd like to know if the policy has changed (don't think so, because he didn't say that this is something new when i mentioned that i get eb adjusted all the time.)

2) being a a manager he should really know the correct policy.

3) they don't always have caramels! which means i'd have to add something more expensive that i probably don't even want.