08/02 pepsi, school supplies, & softsoap

cost: $3.48

i bought:
pepsi 12 pk $3
pepsi 12 pk $3
pepsi 12 pk $3
pepsi 12 pk $3
bottle deposits $2.40
Caliber Book Covers $.99
it's Academic 5" Scissors $2.99
Softsoap Nutri Serums 15 oz $4.99

subtotal $23.37

used coupons:
-$4 off $20 readyfill coupon
-$2 Softsoap® Body Wash or Irish Spring™ Body Wash 15 oz + (may not display for all zip codes - worked with zip 45435

= $17.37 + $.49 tax (used $14.98 in eb, $2.88 cvs gc)

$4 eb pepsi or aquafina pure water 12 pk 4/$12 get $4 eb wyb 4 (8/02-8/08)
$.99 eb Caliber or it's Academic Book Covers limit 2 8/02-8/04
$2.99 eb Caliber or it's Academic 5" Scissors limit 2 8/02-8/04
$4 eb Softsoap Nutri Serums 15 oz limit 5 8/02-8/04

will receive:
$2.40 bottle deposits (when i recycle the cans)

spent $14.98 eb + $2.88 on cvs gc
received $11.98 eb
will receive $2.40 bottle deposits
cost: $3.48

year to date savings: $918.83
summer 2009 spending: $9.93
notes:the softsoap nutriserums were not in the aisle, but there was a display near the front of the store that i overlooked when i first walked by. the bottles are clear, not white like the photo in the ad.

two of my eb rang up as store coupons, one rang up as mfr coupon...

update: just realized i could figure out what the eb i used were for by looking at my account on cvs.com (they don't update right away, so the the ones i used are still listed there.)

$1.99 eb for cvs brand pencils, exp 8/18 - rang up as cvs mrf coupon
$5 eb for bayer meter, exp 8/18 - rang up as cvs coupon
$7.99 eb for photo book, exp 8/17 - rang up as cvs coupon

which doesn't explain anything!

the one for a cvs brand item, which you might think would ring up as a store coupon, did not.

and two eb were issued on the same day, but one rang up as a cvs coupon and the other rang up as cvs mfr coupon. so that seems to kill the theory i had that the newer eb were the ones ringing up as man. coupons!