07/15 photo book, milk, & cashews

cost: $2.01

i bought:
hardcover Photobook 6x8 $7.99
gold emblem cashews 1.5 oz $.99
gold emblem cashews 1.5 oz $.99
1/2 gallon milk $1.79

subtotal $11.76

used coupons:
-$2 off 2 Gold Emblem nuts crt

= $9.76 (used $10 in eb - adjusted to $9.76)

$7.99 eb hardcover Photobook 6x8 limit 5 (7/12-7/18)

spent $10 eb
received $7.99 eb
cost: $2.01

notes:be careful with the cover page of the photo book. it shows a preview on the screen of what part of the photo will be visible through the cutout on the cover, but it doesn't seem to be completely accurate. what looked fine in the preview for me did not print that way! luckily the photo technician was very nice and allowed me to redo the page at no charge.

if you add any text to the cover photo, you probably should make it no larger than about half the length of the photo and center it. and make sure nobody's head is in danger of being cut off! :)