09/24 ambi, adidas, nivea, gum & mints

he bought:
nivea for men bodywash $4.99
ambi fade cream $4.99
ambi bar soap $1.99
adidas deoderant $4.99
altoids $1.99
orbit $1.19

subtotal $20.14

used coupons:
-$3 off $15, exp 09/28/08 from wellness / parents & children magazine
-$2 off nivea body product ($2 printable no longer available, but you can print $1 off here - click install button and it should work, or use 1 off Nivea For Men Body Wash in 07-20 ss)
-$3 off ambi (excluding bars)
-$2 off ambi crt
-$1 Adidas Anti-Perspirant, Deodorant, Body Spray or Body Wash, any V 7/27/08
= $9.14 + .53 tax (used $8.99 in ecb, $.68 on gc)

$3 ecb for ambi (sept deal)
$4.99 ecb for nivea for men (9/21-9/27)
$4 ecb for adidas (9/21-9/27)

spent $8.99 ecb + $.68 on gc
received $11.99 ecb
total profit: $2.32 ♥

year to date savings: $2683.68
summer 2008 spending: $2.34

actually i really screwed this one up:

mistake #1
i grabbed the ambi bar soap since they had one, but i didn't realize i would only get back ecb on one ambi, since i had already gotten 2 previously. for some reason i had it in my mind that the limit was 5 not 3.

mistake #2
gave my ecb before coupons used the wrong amount. meant to use $7 ecb, but i must have given the cashier an extra $2 in ecb. so i went into the negative and thats why i threw in the gum and mints.

can't really complain since i still got back more than i spent, but if i had done this correctly i would have had a profit of $6.02!

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